please read & keep in mind our haus rules so we can all have fun & stay bould.


boulder safely.

this short video includes a walk-through of the gym & explains the basic ins & outs of bouldering at BlocHaus.

safety waiver.

bouldering is a physical activity with inherent risk — before using the facilities at BlocHaus please watch the safety video carefully & fill out the ​safety waiver.

our staff are here to help & answer any questions.

liquid chalk & chalk balls.

BlocHaus is liquid chalk & chalk balls only, please keep any powdered chalk stowed away.

safe landing.

  • climb down when possible, use any holds — the pink holds are there to help.
  • practice landing from a low height to gain confidence.
  • land on both feet evenly — bend your knees & roll onto your butt.
  • avoid rotating your body or using your arms when landing.
  • let the mat absorb your impact.

bouldering etiquette.

  • shoes & shirts should be worn when on the wall at all times.
  • if a climber is already on the wall, let them finish before you start — identify if their climb will cross paths with yours.
  • if someone has just brushed a climb, it’s their go next.
  • help promote a safe bouldering environment by watching out for people around you.
  • spoiler alert — ask before giving advice on a boulder someone else is working on.

the Joker — top out boulder.

  • after topping out, keep clear of the edges of the top out boulder.
  • use the fluoro pink ladder to climb down.
  • check the down-climb ladder is clear before descending.
  • no running, jumping, dancing, handstands or cartwheels on top of the boulder.


we say no to homophobia, transphobia & any other form of sexist, racist or ableist bullying, harassment or discrimination.

we say yes to having fun, encouraging others, crushing projects, respectful behaviour & sharing beta!

fitness area.

  • no under 16s in the training area.
  • pack away & wipe down equipment after use.
  • do not drop weights.
  • ask for a spot if you need one.

big kid boulders.

the main gym is designed for climbers 12 years & over — we have a dedicated FamilyHaus for younger kids & families to climb together.

kids under 12 years can enjoy the slackline & hang out areas, but there’s no access to climbing areas in the main gym for their own safety & the safety of others.

puppy policy.

pups are always welcome at BlocHaus — please make sure they’re on lead, off the mats & behaving appropriately.

we appreciate not everyone wants to get up close & personal & ask that you & your furry friend respect the space of others — dog owners may be asked to remove their dogs from the haus if they cannot abide by our puppy policy.

lost & found.

if you’ve left something behind, please contact us as soon as you can.

haus keeping hold onto lost items as long as they can, but the lost & found is cleared out on a monthly basis.


FamilyHaus is for climbers big & small, everyone must share the space accordingly — in particular, adult climbers in this area must be mindful of younger climbers.

key rules for kids.

  1. no running on the crash mats
  2. stay off the mats when you’re not climbing
  3. look out for climbers above & around you.

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