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be boulder, be better.

we offer a range of in haus coaching & classes for all ages & abilities.

  • $20 members
  • $25 non-members (gym entry included)

boulder beginner.

these monthly climbing fundamentals classes are a casual group session open to any adult who’s new to bouldering or wanting to touch up on the basics. Sophie will run through warming up and cooling down, footwork, beta reading, hold types & styles of climbing — build skills & confidence to tackle tougher challenges on the wall.

boulder better.

this class is designed for intermediate climbers who’ve been climbing for a while it covers everything from specific training protocols to advanced footwork & beta to help push you even further.


this is a selective group for elite climbers — athletes receive individualised training programs & attend structured training sessions twice per week over 8 weeks.

youth squad.

this class is a great introduction to the climbing community — it’s designed for kids aged 10–16yrs getting into climbing & wanting to become more involved, including an introduction to basic technique, appropriate warm-up, cool down & by the end of the course, you’ll be able to enjoy climbing & operate equipment safely within BlocHaus.

8 week programs. 3 feb–8 apr 2020.

90 minute sessions // max 10 places

youth squad:

  • ages 10–16
  • one session per week
  • $320 program fee includes membership


  • all ages
  • two sessions per week
  • $750 program fee includes membership
*payment options available

private sessions.

we offer two types of private 1 hour sessions are available from 12pm on mon, wed & fri — we offer private session with an experienced climbing coach to reach specific technical skill or training based climbing goals:

1on1 personalised assessment & 4–6wk program build.

1on1 basic session focused on developing personal climbing goals.

sophie bell — coach.

sophie has been climbing for over two decades & in that time has competed as a youth athlete in both Australia & the U.K. — she’s been coaching youth squads across Victoria, as well as athletes at the state & national level for nearly four years & has three years route setting experience & is now a university accredited excercise scientist.

contact us if you have any questions about class & coaching options — our crew are always happy to help.

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