open haus.

capacity in haus.

our current capacity is 300 people — no need to book, we are doing walk-ins all day.

while capacity restrictions are in place please: 

  • check in at the counter & on the Service Victoria QR code.
  • keep visits to 3 hours max.
  • wait outside with appropriate social distancing if we’re at full capacity, until there’s a spot free.

hygiene in haus.

we have increased hygiene & sanitisation in haus for the health & safety of our customers & crew.

at your visit we ask that you:

  • wear a properly fitting face mask when not on the wall.
  • properly sanitise your hands before & after your session.
  • practice good coughing & sneezing hygiene.
  • give others at least 1.5m of space both on & off the wall.
  • use liquid chalk only & leave your powdered chalk at home.
  • wear only climbing shoes on the walls & mats — no street shoes.
  • keep shirts & shoes on at all times.
  • wipe down fitness equipment before & after use.
  • bring your card as we are now eftpos only.
  • stay home if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone at risk.

please get in touch with any questions!  

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